Spec for clip-n-hold custom wrap

  • Model number: SCW-MHLD

     1 set: 2 metal sef. holders for Tajima SF-MHLD (metal sef. holder for body belt, right)

     Size: approx. 13.5 cm x 9 cm 1 piece

  • Model number: SCW-MH2M

     1 set: 1 set for 2 sets of metal upper and lower safety belts, for use with Tajima Safety rear attachment holders metal upper and lower SF-MHLDS2M.

  • Size: approx. 13.5 cm x 9 cm (1 piece)
  • Material: Polyvinyl chloride
  • Thickness: 0.12 mm - 0.17 mm (depending on surface finish) Including adhesive)
  • Adhesive: Acrylic (special adhesive that is re-peelable and does not leave adhesive residue).
  • Ambient temperature: -30 to 107°C (-30 to 107°F) instantaneously, 70°C (70°F) continuously.
  • Approximate weather resistance: approx. 3 years (may be shorter depending on installation method and environment of use).

Although we try to ensure that the colours in the product photos are as close as possible to the actual appearance of the product, some products have very strong colours or appear differently depending on the ambient light, making it very difficult or impossible to reproduce them on a monitor screen or other display device. For this reason, we have prepared the free colour sample postcard.

The colour samples include all the colours of the WRAPGRADE series, as well as limited-time-only colours, and are made of the same material as the product to be delivered.

If you cannot decide which colour is best for you, or if you are unsure about the colour, please ask for a colour sample postcard in advance.

We do not accept requests for returns or exchanges of colours from customers who have not ordered a colour sample.