Free Color Sample Postcard


This is a postcard of the color sample of our materials. The real material chips are applied.

Order it for Free now and Get a COUPON code!

When you order only a color sample before purchasing actual products, we will send a sample postcard to you by regular airmail for completely free.

A 10% discount coupon code is attached instead of taking your time. But a coupon code is not included when you order other products besides a color sample.

*One postcard per person, can be ordered only once.

Even if you order more than one, we will send only one postcard.


Please note that it could take longer time than usual due to COVID-19 pandemic.

■ Notes

Please be sure to get a sample postcard when you worry about colors. We do not accept exchanging or returning if you have not ordered a color sample. *The colors in the pictures and videos may differ from actual colors. To avoid misselection, we recommend ordering our free color sample first.

High-Quality Material

we use 3M automotive-grade wrap films. The 3M high-quality films are made for outdoor use. The thin and strong material withstands the harsh environment during use, and it does not affect the performance. We have confirmed that it does not affect the radio waves either.