The joy of flight in everyone's favorite color

WRAPGRADE is a skin/wrap sticker brand operated by design and video production company NITEQ Ltd. (Imports and exports are handled by Mirai Create Ltd. in the same office) The brand has been pursuing products that make it easy to enjoy fun and safe flights.

The innovative concept and high quality of the products have been well received and the company now produces several thousand units per month at its own company in Japan, providing them to drone users in Japan and around the world.

Easy Color Change for Power Tools

In April 2023, we expanded our high-quality skins/wraps, which have reliable performance and design features that have been cultivated in the drone field, into the tool and work field as the Custom Wrap series, which contributes to safety by improving work efficiency and visibility through color identification. We will contribute to the creation of a better working environment for professionals and DIYers alike.