Frequently Asked Questions

We listed our frequently asked questions.

⇒About the Wraps/Skins

About the Wraps/Skins

Q. What is Wrap/Skin?

⇒A. You can change the color of your drones/devices easily without painting. By changing the color,  your drones/devices can be differentiated from others. Also, you can improve the visibility.

Q. Will it peel off?

⇒A. We use 3M's high-quality, automotive-grade wrapping films. So it is durable if you apply correctly. Please wipe your drone/devices and wash your hand before you apply.

Q. Why is it more expensive than others?

⇒A. We use 3M's high-quality materials which are usually used for vehicle wrapping while some other companies use cheaper materials not for outside use or removing. You can easily remove our wraps when you want to change it to different color! We design, manufacture, pack and ship in Japan.

Q. How can I wrap?

⇒A. Please check our YouTube channel. We have how-to videos.

Q. Which color is good to improve visibility?

⇒A. It depends on your flight environment. However, usually neon colors especially Neon Orange is recommended. We offer a free color sample postcard (with a 10% off coupon code on it). Please check the page.

Q. Can you print my custom design? (logos/patterns/design)

⇒Please check the page and contact us!

Q. Do you have an ambassador program?

⇒Please check the page!


Q. Can I change or add products?

⇒A. It may be possible before shipping, please contact us asap.

Q. Do you have coupons?

⇒A. We regularly have discount sales (usually during holidays). Please check our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Also we have "rewards program." Please check the page fore more details and click the pink icon on the bottom-left of the page.

If you have never ordered from us, please get our free color sample and a 10% off code.


Q. What delivery options do you have?

⇒A. Please check our shipping policy page. We can ship by FedEx to most of the countries and EMS/ePacket to some countries.

Q. When will my order shipped?

⇒A. We ship everyday on weekdays, we usually ship the orders we get by 1 pm (Japanese time) on the same day but if it is out of stock, please allow us up to four business days. We are closed on Saturdays and Sundays and Japanese public holidays.

Q. I haven't got my package.

Please check the tracking status and if there are any problems, please contact us or your local delivery company.

Q. We received different items.

⇒A. Apologies for the inconvenience. Please contact us. We will ship the correct items as soon as possible.

Q. Why is the shipping so expensive?

⇒A. We charge you the actual fees we need to pay to the shipping companies. In some countries, we needed to stop cheaper Japan Post options as they stopped because of the decrease of the number of airplanes. So cheaper options may resume in the future. Please consider purchasing on amazon US/UK/DE/IT/ES/FR/SE/TR/AU/SE/CA/MX.

However, the product prices are cheaper on our official than on amazon. So if you are going to buy multiple items, the total price would be the same or similar. We have some products only available on official.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!