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*Cheaper Shipping* Now FedEx Envelope is Available

*Cheaper Shipping* Now FedEx Envelope is Available

Good news for international customers! We recently had to increase FedEx shipping fees due to the contract renewal. 

Since then, we have been looking for ways to reduce our shipping costs and have decided to use FedEx Envelope for packing in order to reduce our shipping costs.

We usually use our original hard, durable cardboard envelope for packaging but with FedEx Envelope, the fees get cheaper. However, it is soft so we are worried that our products might get bent.

So we use the Envelope only for small products i.e. wraps for remote controllers, Accent Color. Also this will be automatically applied to products up to 90g.


  • Mini 3 Remote Controller Wrap (20g) x1 = FedEx Envelope
  • Mini 3 Main Unit Wrap (93g) x1 = FedEx Pak (our original envelope)
  • Mini 3 Remote Controller Wraps (20g) x5 = FedEx Pak
  • Mini 3 Accent Color (40g) x1 & Remote Controller wrap (20g)x1 = FedEx Envelope


Using FedEx Envelope saves you approximately $5 (depending on country). The shipping speed will not change and we will use International Priority Service.

Thank you!